RBC Youth Hub

As one of the largest bank and most respected corporation in Canada, RBC wants to ensure their commitments and support to the youth community get utilized and recognized by their existing and potential young customers.

Defining User Experience

The purpose of this Youth Hub is to consolidate all the youth-related reward programs, resources, and banking products throughout the current site in this one new destination. Based on the predetermined sitemap, our main UX challenge is to create a platform that is easy to navigate and connect all content and tools in a meaningful way.

Homepage and AB Testing

With the idea of surfacing the most interesting and helpful content to the users, we explored many different ways of prioritizing and presenting information – functional, utilitarian or organic layouts.

In the end, we landed on two approaches: the straightforward navigational option where users can get to the info as soon as they land on the page; the exploratory option that allows users to get a sense of the overall site purpose before diving into the details. Both options will be built out and put into the market for AB testing.

Mobile Product Cards

As the most important and complex section of this hub, we took a mobile-first approach and experimented with various ways of displaying product information. Our goal was to create a frictionless experience for users to compare and choose between multiple products.


Our design mission is to create a visually compelling and engaging portal that millennials can identify with while keeping the RBC brand essence. Large typography along with a mixture of lifestyle, close-up portraits, and stylistic illustrations are used to resonate with the eventful and energetic millennial lifestyle.

Role: Art Direction, UX/UI

Creative Director: Colin Craig
Designer: Iris Wu
Copywriter: Jackson Byrne
Account Managers: Dustin Norwood, James Rutledge
Project Manager: Nicole Black
Agency: Grip Limited
Client: Royal Bank of Canada
Year: 2018

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