A fun, engaging and easy-to-enter contest to increase Mississauga Toyota’s Facebook fan-base.

Driving a Yaris is about loving to drive something that opens you up to adventure, opportunity and whatever else your lifestyle demands. With hand-picked and illustrated images, words and fonts, this concept brings the versatility and fun of the Toyota Yaris to life while creating excitement to engage with the contest.

Facebook Contest & The Prize

Users can select, modify, and “drive” their Yaris in a virtual parking lot, and the cars serve as the ballot to win a real Yaris! In total the contest and support content reached over 350,000 Facebook users and successfully increased the number of 'Likes' by more than 1300% on Mississauga Toyota's Facebook fan page!

Role: Art Direction, UI Design

Creative Director: Peter Gomes
Copywriter: Adam Notzl-Keyser
Agency: Dashboard Communications
Client: Mississauga Toyota

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