A fun, engaging and easy-to-enter contest to increase Mississauga Toyota’s Facebook fan-base.

Driving a Yaris is about loving to drive something that opens you up to adventure, opportunity and whatever else your lifestyle demands. With hand-picked and illustrated images, words and fonts, this concept brings the versatility and fun of the Toyota Yaris to life while creating excitement to engage with the contest.

Facebook Contest

Users can select, modify, and “drive” their Yaris in a virtual parking lot, and the cars serve as the ballot to win a real Yaris! In total the contest and support content reached over 350,000 Facebook users and successfully increased the number of 'Likes' by more than 1300% on Mississauga Toyota's Facebook fan page!

The Prize

Role: Art Direction, UI Design

Creative Director: Peter Gomes
Copywriter: Adam Notzl-Keyser
Agency: Dashboard Communications
Client: Mississauga Toyota

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