MUA Spatial Design Inc. Branding

MUA is a multi-disciplinary interior and architectural design studio located in the central business area of Beijing, China. MUA’s design team is equipped with a global mindset that is flexible and adaptable to innovation. Through working with their clients, the founders aim to add value and meaning to society by creating art-like living spaces to beautiful surrounding environment and nature.

The name of the company, “MUA”, was derived from their design value and philosophy.

In its Chinese definition, with the analogy to basic architectural elements of wood and clay tiles, “MUA” denotes its reliability and trustworthiness. Its English pronunciation, however, expresses the lively human aspect of the brand - striking a similarity with a sound of passion.

The Dimensional Branding

I wanted to create a logo with this double-meaning in mind: the triangular planes overlap to create a dimensional graphic, which intersects with a vibrant square of orange. This overlay symbolizes the combination of the dimensions, space, and the human factor.

Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design

Account/ Project Manager: Sunny Chang
Client: MUA Spatial Design

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